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JUELLEMONEA.COM-Meet the owner of Juelle Monea' Boutique, Reverend Tonya Kennedy. Reverend Kennedy had a vision for launching an accessory shop, since that time Juelle Monea' has far exceeded her expectations in sales and notoriety. Juelle Monea' was established in 2012, The inspiration for the name was taken by her only daughter Ambrosia Monea.' Since that time Juelle Monea' has become a household name. 

The styling expertise of owner  Rev. Tonya Kennedy assist those both near and far on signature statement looks that will leave a lasting impression. Rev. Kennedy has also used the launching of Juelle Monea' to inspire and educate women all over the world on the importance of investing in themselves and their futures spiritually as well as economically. Rev. Tonya's expertise in business and successful  entrepreneurship has inspired and birthed self-employed women all over the world. 

Athat each customer can find exactly what they are looking for. We'd like to thank you for visiting our website.


Our Motto is: "Make a Statement for Less"


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